Top Hospital Lab Coats

The top quality of hospital lab coats is at long last beginning to improve. For decades, hospital lab coats were unisex in design. Unisex was a term that was supposed to convince people that the same hospital lab coat could fit a man or woman equally well. Physicians, more than anyone else, knew that the anatomy of men and women was not the same but since the medical apparel manufacturers were determined to keep their inventory costs down by making just one coat for both genders, hospitals had no options. That’s no longer the case. Medelita // is a medical apparel company founded by a female clinician who refused to accept such nonsensical design limitations. She deplored the way she and her colleagues in the emergency room looked in their hospital lab coats and scrubs when they met patients and their families. Since its launch, Medelita has established numerous benchmarks for the industry beginning with gender specific hospital lab coats and scrubs. As physicians discover, often through word of mouth, that vastly superior fabrics, fashion, fit, and functionality are at last available, physician preferences are influencing hospital purchasing decisions. With such a superior alternative available, buyers are now considering value, quality and style, as opposed to just price, in making their purchasing decisions. This new paradigm in medical apparel is prompting more and more institutions each year to purchase hospital lab coats and scrubs that provide comfort and durability as well as a dramatically enhanced appearance.