Tri Trinh, MD

Dr. Tri Trinh, MD is an interventional cardiologist originally from Boston, MA, where he completed his schooling. Afterwards, Dr. Trinh decided to move to Southern California to expand his outlook on medicine.

Having worked at two County hospitals, he has come to have a unique understanding of how quality and compassionate care can affect both the physicians and patients' lives. Dr. Trinh believes that professionalism is a key component in any career choices - more so with physicians.

Says Dr. Trinh,

"It appears to me that Medelita's vision is to promote this aspect in physicians' qualities. I, too, regard and hold this vision in utmost respect. Aside from delivering appropriate, empathic care, we all need to carry ourselves in the most professional manners. It is truly through professionalism that physicians can demonstrates humility and maintain the humanistic approach to patient care."