Unisex lab coats

Unisex lab coats serve a purpose within the healthcare uniform industry – that purpose being economy. There are many other purposes a lab coat could serve, such as enhancing the appearance, comfort, or functionality of the clinician wearing it. For fundamental reasons however, it’s unlikely a unisex lab coat will serve any of those purposes very well. The principal reason is traceable to the inherent flaw in the concept of unisex clothing. By definition, unisex clothing implies that the same garment can be worn by either a man or a woman. To many, especially those in the field of medicine, that is an astonishing assertion given that the male and female bodies are so markedly different. The shape and size of a woman’s neck, shoulders, arms, breasts, waist, hips, buttocks and crotch, and their spatial relationship to each other, are fundamentally different than the equivalent body parts on a man. It is simply an undeniable fact that no single article of clothing could possibly fit both a man and a woman and fit them well. If fit, comfort and appearance are not important to the person wearing the lab coat, then a unisex lab coat should be the least expensive type of lab coat they could find. The reasons unisex lab coats are typically priced so low fall into two general categories. One is the lower cost to manufacture them due to the reduced expenses attributable to pattern making, production and inventory for just one scale of sizes in the case of unisex lab coats versus two scales of sizes for gender specific lab coats. The other is the absence of features designed to improve the comfort, durability, and functionality of the typical unisex lab coat which, by contrast, premium lab coats offer in such abundance. At the other end of the spectrum from unisex lab coats are premium lab coats. The company credited with creating that category is Medelita www.medelita.com. Medelita offers gender specific collections of lab coats that feature refined, sophisticated fashion, in addition to fit, comfort, durability, function and fabrics unmatched within the premium category. Though they understandably cost considerably more than unisex lab coats, they’re of such high quality they last much, much longer than most unisex lab coats and look and feel great the entire time. In fact, Medelita offers a Professional Courtesy Guarantee that’s good for One Year from the date of purchase. No other medical apparel company we know of offers anything comparable. Before choosing a lab coat, consider how beneficial a few minutes on the Medelita website might be reading the ratings and reviews of your peers. It could establish a valuable standard for determining the true value of all lab coats under consideration, including unisex lab coats.