Medelita Partners With PMG To Help Support Women In Medicine

We are extremely excited to announce Medelita's newest partnership with Physician Moms Group (PMG). In support of practicing physicians who are also mothers, Medelita is honored to provide PMG members with an exclusive discount on branded products, including lab coats and scrubs.

The field of medicine has come a long way in gender equality in recent years, but women physicians are often still subject to prejudice, sexism, and unspoken expectations that their male counterparts will never experience. Females in healthcare who are also mothers must face these challenges while simultaneously raising a family, battling extreme pressures both in and out of the workplace. This uniquely stressful situation can leave women practitioners feeling desperate, overwhelmed, and isolated in a male-dominated workplace where they are unable to voice their troubles or seek advice.

Founded in 2014 by Medelita H.I.P. Ambassador Hala Sabry, PMG is comprised of over 35,000 women physicians across the globe who face the daily challenge of balancing their professional life and their family life. Though highly rewarding, having to juggle such an intense career while taking on the additional demands of motherhood can be extremely overwhelming, and PMG creates a network for these women to support each other, collaborate together, and share their experiences without judgement in an open forum.

The founder of PMG hopes that by building a network of like-minded professionals, the group can reshape the way that society accepts female physicians and ultimately empower women around the world to pursue careers in medicine without fear of gender norms. 

Click here to see a complete list of affiliates and learn more about partnering with Medelita.

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