Most Lucrative Medical Specialties

With the time and dedication that it takes to become a doctor, earning a salary reflective of these efforts is certainly well deserved. That being said, you will also notice that certain specialties receive higher compensation than others. Some medical specialties have consecutively been top earners, while others are new to our top five list.

No. 1 Orthopedics

Median Salary: $421,000 Some would argue that orthopedic surgeons have the most physically demanding specialty, but the fact that they are the highest paid may be a consolation. Not only do orthopedists hold the title of top-earning medical specialty, they also earn more compensation in non-patient care activities- an average of $29,000.

No. 2 Invasive Cardiology

Median Salary: $376,000 All medical professionals have a heart for helping others, but invasive cardiologists make it their life’s mission. Their additional earnings of $19,000 in non-patient care activities are an added bonus.

No. 3 Gastroenterology

Median Salary: $370,000 Not for those with a weak stomach, the gastroenterology specialty has a larger number of senior patients than other specialties. The demand for gastroenterologists may increase in the near future, as the senior citizen population is expected to double within the next 32 years. An additional $14,000 in earnings can be counted for non-patient care.

No. 4 Anesthesiology

Median Salary: $358,000 According to Medscape’s 2015 Physician Compensation Report, compensation for anesthesiologist’s increased by 6% from the prior year. This makes up for the lower earning non-patient care earnings of $8,000.

No. 5 Plastic Surgery

Median Salary: $354,000 Plastic surgery is a top earner for both average salary, and non-patient care activities- $26,000.  The 10% growth in earnings from 2014 also makes this specialty one to consider.

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