Best And Worst States For Nurses

Whether seeking to spread your wings in another part of the country, or simply preparing for your career in nursing post graduation, here is a guide of the Best & Worst States for Nurses. It should help!

Providing an in-depth evaluation of topics ranging from highest annual nurse salaries, most nursing job opening, and most health care facilities, .

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Existing Number Of Nurses Per Capita

 Competition Per Capita Nurses States

Considering it’s unbearably cold climate, there is no surprise that the leader of the “lowest competition states” is Alaska. However, if “weather” were a category, #2 and #3 could arguably tie for first place.


Job Openings Per Capita

WalletHub may reflect the south and east coast with fewest job openings for nurses, but trending rural funded health care offers an unparallelled  ‘small town escape’ for ‘big city’ nursing grads with work-life balance high on their list of priorities.

Annual Nursing Salaries

What do casinos, potatoes, and oil have to do with nursing? Absolutely nothing, which is perhaps why the annual nursing salaries are so high in these high desert, rural, and southern states. It feels good to be appreciated!


Healthcare Facilities Per Capita 

With more facilities per capita, the opportunities to gain a wide range of training is there for the taking. Seize the moment nurses!

Population Of Residents Aged 65+

Nurses of today, seeking stability? Florida still reigns supreme when it comes to senior hotspots. There is just something about heat and caring for the elderly that sounds like stability.

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