Gifts for Nurses – The Ultimate Gift Guide for 2022

Gifts for Nurses – The Ultimate Gift Guide for 2021

As far as gifts for nurses go, an impersonal box of chocolates or a gift card should simply be put out of mind when you have the whole internet to shop for something exceptional. If you want to really treat an extraordinary nurse in your life, the guide below will help you put a smile on his or her face, guaranteed.

How to Find the Best Gifts for Nurses

Nurses must endure long hours, stressful situations, difficult patients, and physically taxing activity – all while wearing what can be a bland uniform that completely lacks any personality. When shopping for the best gifts for nurses, we recommend considering characteristics of their day-to-day work life and identifying individual pain points you would like to address with a thoughtful present.

Do you want to help them ease their tired feet? Would you like to gift them cute accessories or apparel to let their personality shine while on the job? Do you want to make it easier for them to enjoy good, healthy food throughout their day? Do you simply want to find a gift that helps them be more efficient at work?

Once you figure out what issue you want to resolve for that special nurse, you’re already halfway to finding the ideal present. From there good gifts for nurses will easily stand out to you. To make things even easier we’ve hand-picked a collection of fantastic options for the loved one you’re shopping for:

Medelita Women’s Scrub Set – personalized gifts for nurses

Women’s Horizon Scrub Top and Delta Scrub Pants by Medelita

Unless dictated by their employer, nurses can often purchase their own scrubs. A well-fitting scrub set inspires confidence in the wearer, and also the patient. When a nurse looks professional and polished, patients are immediately put at ease, being able to recognize that their health is in the hands of someone who definitely knows how to take care of themselves.

A scrub set from Medelita is a great bet as far as gifts for nurses go. They are available in an assortment of styles to suit a variety of tastes. Every piece has been meticulously designed to suit the needs of the wearer in a high-stress environment. Tops and bottoms are made for all-day wear and actively wick away moisture to keep the wearer comfortable. Medelita scrubs are super soft, odor resistant, and wrinkle resistant. They can be washed and dried on the hottest setting – an absolute must for those working in healthcare.

The nurse you’re shopping for would greatly appreciate their name and title custom embroidered on the front, because personalized gifts for nurses are even better! Not sure which style to purchase, or the exact words to have embroidered? Just send a digital gift card and let your gift recipient shop for exactly what they want. Shop scrub tops and pants at

Gifting a special nurse in your life with an ANA membership is a truly thoughtful gesture. The perks are numerous – from professional development resources and travel discounts, to savings on home and auto insurance, as well as help with obtaining other types of insurance at competitive, if not exclusive rates.

Members can network with other nurses through the ANA Community, and take advantage of free career development resources and webinars through the ANA Career Center. The nurse you’re shopping for will also receive state nurse association benefits. You’ll be gifting great discounts on continuing education, certification, publications, and more through the ANA membership as well. Reach out to customer service to get info on gifting membership at

A quippy, punny badge reel clip is such a fun way to show a nurse you care about them. These badge reels are a fun, necessary accessory for anyone working in a healthcare building. A medical professional’s badge functions as a key, allowing them to move throughout their facility. A badge reel connects the wearer’s badge to their garment, and allows them to easily pull their badge toward the door sensors placed at secured access points where only authorized staff are allowed to go.

Since staff have to wear a uniform daily, the button portion of the clip is the perfect little place to show some personality. These badge reel clips can be swapped out easily and regularly so pick out a variety of badges that suit the nurse you’re shopping for. It’s one of the best gifts for nurses to let them show off their personality at work. Shop designs at

Nurses have to put up with a lot and the last thing they want to worry about is their hair getting in the way of them doing their job. A scrunchie set as a gift for a nurse is a thoughtful, stylish present.

Your nurse loved one will adore these scrunchies from KITSCH. The set comes with five super soft scrunchies in a muted color palette that the gift recipient can stack on their wrist as needed and style their hair comfortably and practically. As far as gifts for nurses go, this scrunchie set is a great on-trend option. Get the set at

Another great accessory to consider – you can even grab an assortment of these pins along with the previous two gift ideas to pull together a first-rate gift basket. However, these pins do stand on their own as a gift for any stylish nurse.

It can be boring wearing the same uniform day in and day out. That’s why scrub pins exist. Pick out a collection of pins that match your favorite nurse’s personality and vibe. Shop pins at

Medelita Performance Tee – rn gift ideas

The Performance Tee by Medelita

Any nurse will tell you that their long shifts and the physical demands of their line of work prompt them to fill out their closet with comfy items for when they’re off-shift. This is especially true for nurses who work in hospitals where the cold and the constant standing or bending over patients makes them want for strictly comfortable garments for wearing outside of the workplace.

Surprise them with your gift of the Medelita Performance Tee that they can wear both off-shift and on the job. It’s a super comfy midweight long sleeve that can be worn as a buttery soft underscrub tee or as a casual top for outside of work. In fact, it’s great for everything from running errands to working out, and even sleeping in.

The 4-way stretch fabric repels odors and wicks moisture, while retaining its shape and softness despite frequent wear and abuse. The tee is super-cooling when the wearer gets sweaty, but will also keep the wearer warm when it’s cold. The contoured seaming, specifically tailored to both the human form and to accommodate medical professional’s typical movements, ensures that your gift will become a go-to garment for your gift recipient. When hunting for good gifts for nurses, you can’t go wrong with these tees! Grab a few as gifts at

Wherever nurses work in the US, you can guarantee it’s cold. They are uncomfortably chilly their entire shift with the constant A/C. It’s a tough existence for nurses, especially when you consider that they must wear a uniform every day.

The best solution is a temperature-regulating Medelita scrub jacket. The bomber-design Kinetic scrub jacket is a great option for keeping warm, and is available for both men and women. This jacket can be matched to Medelita stretch scrubs in the same color. Medelita scrub jackets feature multiple pockets, performance fabric, and a tailored fit that ensures comfort and style.

The Kinetic scrub jacket is incredibly soft, durable, wrinkle-resistant, and moisture-wicking. The fabric also repels organic stains and odors. It will keep the wearer warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot. So whether your nurse friend would normally be sweating through a stressful situation or shivering under an A/C vent, they’ll be just fine while wearing the scrub jacket. It’s one of the best gifts for nurses who spend long hours in temperature-controlled environments and also have to deal with high-stress situations while on the job. Get the Kinetic scrub jacket at

Nurses working in air conditioned facilities don’t have many options for keeping warm besides wearing an underscrub top, if deemed appropriate attire by management. Fortunately, fleece jackets are becoming an acceptable outer layer to wear on the job. The one issue is that fleece jackets have not been designed for those working in a clinical setting – until now.

The Strata Performance Fleece Jacket by Medelita breaks the mold. It’s a super cozy, well-fitting piece worthy of being worn by those who work in medicine. Where other fleece jackets fail to meet the needs of medical professionals, Strata steps up with clinically-minded pocketing and construction that provide the utility and range of motion that nurses and others working in the medical field fundamentally require when providing care.

Strata Fleece also accommodates name, title, and group logo embroidery, whereas other brands make embroidery challenging if not impossible due to their own branding placement or unnecessary details on the chest. Having the garment embroidered with your gift recipient’s name and title provides a personal touch we highly recommend. It’s one of the best personalized gifts for nurses you can get! Shop fleece jacket colors and sizes at

Nurses have to wash their hands constantly. It’s important for cleanliness obviously, but beyond that it’s standard procedure for them to wash their hands at specific moments throughout the day when handling certain objects or during patient encounters. They also have to use clinical-grade antibacterial soap, which is harsh on the skin. The dry, rough, even cracked skin that results from all the handwashing is uncomfortable if not painful, and can also look unprofessional.

Gifting a high quality healing lotion like the L'Occitane Shea Butter Intensive Hand Balm, is a kind gesture, sure to spark deep appreciation at your level of understanding for their handwashing plight. This hand balm provides serious moisturizing with its high shea butter content, making for one of the best gifts for nurses. Shop at

Here’s another great gift basket item! These mini clipboards make good gifts for nurses as they’re an ideal size for keeping rounding notes or other notes at the ready. They’re designed to fit A6 size paper and slip easily into a large pocket such as in scrubs or a jacket. The nurse you’re shopping for will no doubt appreciate how insightful your gift is. Get a 5 pack at

Face masks are simply a fact of life when working in medicine nowadays. Yet a well-fitting, comfortable, effective mask can be hard to find even for those in healthcare. The Medelita Face Mask is the answer – and the perfect gift!

This bonded double-layer facial covering features moisture wicking and bacteriostatic qualities, buttery soft ear loops, a moldable nose wire (adult sizes only), and lightweight stretch performance fabric. The ear loops feature an adjustment bead that allows the wearer to completely customize the mask’s tightness across the mid-face and chin, resulting in an unrivaled, extremely comfortable fit for all-day wear. These masks can be washed and dried on the hottest setting, too.

The Medelita face mask is truly the most thoughtful and ergonomic all-purpose knit face mask ever built making it one of the top gifts for nurses available. If the nurse you’re shopping for has children, be sure to pick up child-sized masks for them as an extra special gesture. Shop high-quality masks at

Nurses are on their feet all day long. They rarely get a chance to rest. This can lead to serious foot and leg fatigue and pain. The right kicks can help reduce the swelling and subsequent pain that nurses experience. That’s why a proper pair of shoes can make for one of the best gifts for nurses.

But where to get a “proper pair of shoes”? The Clove Shoe is one of the top rated shoes specifically designed “for people on the front lines of healthcare.” They keep the wearer’s feet cool and comfortable throughout the longest shifts.

The shoe includes superior arch support, advanced cushioning, odor-fighting properties, sophisticated breathability, and machine-washable insoles. The full rubber outsoles ensure steady steps. They are made with Clove’s patented Clarino™ fabric – a liquid-repellant, stain-resistant, easy-to-clean microfiber leather. In fact, all that’s needed to clean these shoes is a quick swipe of any hospital-grade wipe. They are also outfitted with a breathable neoprene ankle sock that, combined with their signature drawstring lace feature, allow for a secure fit as well as easy on-off. Bonus: every box includes 3 pens and 2 badge reels! Shop colors at

A backpack worthy of a nurse needs to be sturdy, flexible, and have smart pocketing throughout. Their job is extremely demanding and so they need their daily gear to work hard for them. This backpack fits the bill.

Your gift recipient will greatly appreciate the attention to detail and solid construction of the Lululemon Everyday Backpack. It’s suitable for all genders, and can hold all of the standard accessories, including up to a 16” laptop in a dedicated padded pocket. The water-repellent fabric provides for easy spot cleaning. The nurse you’re shopping for will be thrilled to stash their things in this backpack for the day of work ahead. It’s great for travel, too. Shop more colors at

A high quality, beautiful lunchbox may not seem like one of the best gifts for nurses, but we encourage you to think again. Nurses are busy and anything that saves them time while also providing a lovely presentation will no doubt relieve some of the stress they’re feeling in their typically hectic workday.

This lunch box gives them the opportunity (and inspires them) to prepare a healthy meal before work so they can spend their lunch break enjoying their food as opposed to splitting their time between hunting down a meal and quickly devouring it.

The set comes with a natural bamboo lid, a wooden cutlery set in its own tray, a middle divider, 2 BPA-free plastic meal compartments with adjustable interior dividers, and a small jar with lid for sauce or dressing. Shop more color options at

A good underscrub top can be a lifeline for a nurse working in a cold clinical environment. Such a tee should keep the wearer cool under stress and intense activity, as well as warm when less active and chilly in the constant A/C. It should fit comfortably and seamlessly under a scrub top.

The Second Skin Underscrub Tee from Medelita does exactly this. It’s made of incredibly soft and comfy, breathable 4-way stretch knit material that wicks away moisture, keeping the wearer dry and odor-free. These underscrubs are great for outside of work, as an extra layer in a nurse’s everyday attire, as a workout top, and even as pajamas. Customers rave that they’re that comfortable!

Gifting an underscrub tee is gifting warmth and comfort – for that reason we strongly feel it’s one of the best gifts for nurses out there. The Second Skin Underscrub Tee is available for men and women. Shop at

This is a portable – yes, PORTABLE – blender. It’s compact, about the size of a water bottle, and comes in a variety of colors and prints to suit your gift recipient’s unique personality. The BlendJet 2 is perfect for health-conscious nurses who like to get quick nutrition in the form of a blended beverage, whether it be a post-workout protein shake, a break-time snack, or a morning green smoothie.

This high quality, compact machine combines cutting edge blending technology with a long-lasting battery to provide the most seamless blending-on-the-go experience your nurse loved one could imagine. They can bring it with them to work or wherever, really, to make their day a bit healthier and more enjoyable. Besides this being one of the best gifts for nurses, we’re probably buying one of these for ourselves, too. Shop colors at

Hydration is important always, but especially so in a nurse’s working life. Due to the constant A/C and endless physical demands, nurses should be drinking extra water throughout their workday. This is why quality water bottles make for good gifts for nurses.

We can’t think of a better, more well known brand of water bottle than Hydro Flask. They are brilliantly designed and durable (yes we know we’re talking about a water bottle). They come in a variety of colors to fit anyone’s taste and they are a perfect canvas for stickers to help express oneself – thank VSCO girls for that becoming popular. You can even customize one specially for the nurse you’re shopping for. Grab one at

Speaking of hydration, when the going gets tough on the job and a nurse realizes they may be a bit dehydrated, having one of these single-serve packets handy in their backpack or bag is a great relief. These Liquid I.V. Hydration Multiplier packs contain powdered electrolytes that work a treat. The person needing hydration simply empties a packet into a glass of water, stirs, and drinks.

The delicious drink provides the same hydration as 2-3 bottles of water with three times the electrolytes of traditional sports drinks. Liquid I.V. Hydration Multiplier uses Cellular Transport Technology (CTT®️) to deliver hydration throughout the body faster & more efficiently than via water alone. Every pack contains 5 essential vitamins: B3, B5, B6, B12, and Vitamin C. They are non-GMO and contain no artificial flavors. Choose from 8 flavors at

The absolute most essential tool for medical providers is the stethoscope – no big surprise there. It rests draped across their shoulders whenever not in use. Because it is such a necessity, a high quality stethoscope makes for one of the best gifts for nurses you can get. But which one should you choose as a gift?

Look no further than the top value stethoscope out there, the Medelita Sensitive Stethoscope. This highly rated device is optimized for auscultation of high & low frequencies, where auscultation means listening to sounds from the heart, lungs, or other organs. The Medelita Sensitive Stethoscope was designed and is handcrafted by ERKA in Germany – so you know you can depend on its quality engineering!

This is the most advanced dual-membrane stethoscope with patented sound chamber geometry. It’s a great fit for any specialty. The stethoscope comes with a pair each of soft and super-soft silicone ear tips, as well as a stethoscope case. It’s latex-free and dermatologically safe, too. Get one for that special nurse in your life at

Cleanliness is a tenet of nursing. The nurse you’re gift shopping for probably already wipes their phone with a sanitizing wipe regularly. That’s because healthcare workers know better than most that our beloved go-to entertainment and communication devices can be a hotbed of bacteria, providing a comfortable surface for all of the germs our fingers and face come into contact with throughout the day.

This clever phone sanitizer gets the job done without any residue or streaks on the screen. PhoneSoap houses two scientifically-proven germicidal UV-C bulbs that kill 99.99% of all bacteria hanging out on the device. Think of it as a tanning bed for your phone except instead of it coming out with a golden sun-kissed glow, it comes out its usual self but perfectly sanitized! It also charges the device while cleaning, featuring one USB port and one USB-C port for charging cables. It’s definitely one of the top gifts for nurses who have a smartphone that they use regularly (i.e. all nurses). Shop at

Being on one’s feet all day is exhausting. Nurses have to put up with a lot of standing, walking, and running throughout their day. If only we could gift them the professional foot massage they deserve every day. This is the next best thing – and it’s probably more convenient for a tired nurse who just wants to get home to unwind at the end of the day. Plus, this can easily be paired with pajamas, a good book, and a beer or a glass of wine!

This HoMedics foot massager uses air compression and heat to deliver a full-coverage, deep-kneading rhythmic Shiatsu massage experience from heel to toe and top to bottom. It’s at the top of the list of home tech presents as far as good gifts for nurses go. Get one at

Making time for cooking can be very difficult for nurses who have long, physically demanding shifts, though they may want nothing more than to whip up their favorite meal at the end of a tough day. An Instant Pot is a great solution for the overworked nurse. Offering thousands and thousands of recipes and some amazing functionality, it’s sure to thrill the nurse you’re gift shopping for.

With WiFi connectivity, a plethora of safety features, and an accompanying app, this 8-in-1 cooker is a powerhouse for the modern chef looking to speed up the cooking process without compromising on flavor or quality. This ingenious kitchen device has the capacity to cook a meal serving up to 6 people and is a great tool for meal prep. You can even control it using Amazon Alexa. Grab one at

Making a quick cup of coffee has never been easier since the Keurig machine was invented. Since its inception, legions of tired office workers and exhausted homemakers have placed Keurigs on kitchen counters, making little caffeine alters around the cherished machines, where they gather a few times throughout the day in devotion. The gadgets have long been large, clunky-looking appliances taking up a good deal of premium countertop space.

But now, Keurig has made their convenient coffee brewer into a compact work of art that occupies very little surface area. This beautiful little device is less than 5” wide. It’s a true one-cup brewer where the individual in need of a hot beverage grabs their mug, fills it with the water needed for the drink of choice, then pours it into the reservoir at the back, places their k-cup in the front and closes the lid to brew – that’s it.

A cord slot at the back makes this machine wonderfully easy to store. It’s so compact, it’s practically portable. The K-mini is one of the best gifts for nurses who enjoy a daily cup of coffee or tea. Shop color options at

A cute gift set like this communicates to a beloved nurse that you understand the difficulties of their profession. Gift them this set and let them know that you commiserate with them on having to deal with a variety of personalities and generally upset people on a day-to-day basis – on top of being generally fatigued from the long hours, being on their feet all day, and having to lean over uncomfortably for minutes at a time. It’s a tough job... let them have coffee, wine, and a laugh! Grab a set from

The everyday uniform can get just a bit monotonous for a nurse – especially when they are issued standard scrubs, as many are. One way they are often allowed to customize their look is with their own jacket, with the added bonus of gaining some extra warmth.

The Quantum Technical Jacket is the perfect way for a stylish nurse to add some personality to their work outfit. It’s a sleek, professional layer that will set them apart from the monotony of a standard uniform, while also providing the wearer with smart pocketing and enhanced range of motion for their duties.

You’ll win some major points with this gift, especially if you have it embroidered with that special nurse’s name and title! It’s one of the best gifts for nurses you can find. Shop Quantum at

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