Brianna Armour, EMT

Brianna Armour an EMT and non-traditional pre-med student, and a proud survivor of breast cancer after she was diagnosed at 26 years old. Brianna believes that everything happens for a reason, and surviving breast cancer is ultimately why she decided to leave the corporate workplace and pursue her first love of becoming a doctor.  

In her rare free time, volunteering is Brianna's first love. Giving back to others and helping to make this world a better place even in small ways means everything to her, and she has shown her commitment and compassion by dedicating herself to certain projects like community food pantry distribution, pet shelter assisting, breast cancer awareness and fundraising walks and events, and more. Brianna is also the mother of an awesome 8 year old daughter who wants to be a vet. 

In her own words,

"My favorite thing about EMT is that pre-hospital; that patient is mine. I am getting clinical experience being the first person to help a patient on their worst day. I am very confident that my EMT journey is going to tremendously help me once I start medical school. You are ultimately the middle person between life and death as an EMS technician and that is a terrifying yet amazing feeling and responsibility. I am very early into my journey, but the biggest challenges thus far is wanting to absorb as much knowledge as I can but also prove that I am listening, learning and willing to do this for the long haul. The second would be knowing that as an EMT and later on as a doctor I will not be able to save every single patient, no matter how hard I try sometimes it just will not be possible.

Professional style to me means walking at the house making the clothes, not having the clothes make you. You are well put together, tailored, groomed and accessorized but ultimately your confidence and posture show the world you are ready to take on the world. This is important to me because as women we face adversity the moment we leave the house, we face cat calls, pet names, wage gaps etc. But regardless of all that, you will respect me. When I am performing my duties to the best of my ability or observing with a mentor or anything of the sort, I am putting my best face forward and coming correctly and professionally."

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