Demi Soulet, PA-S

Demi Soulet, PA-S is currently a 2nd year PA student in Miami, FL with a background in exercise science and work experience in cardiology and dermatology. Outside of medicine, Demi enjoys health, fitness and traveling! As the current vice-president of the Florida International University College of Medicine's inaugural PA class of 2017, Demi has demonstrated great leadership as a woman in medicine.

In her own words,

"My favorite thing about being a soon-to-be PA is the opportunity to make an impact in other's lives everyday. Medicine is not only about saving lives, but helping others achieve a full, and healthy life. I want to be an advocate of health and fitness for my patients as a means of preventative medicine. I believe you do not have to wait for your patients to become ill to make a difference as a clinician. 

The biggest challenge of my medical career so far has been the 16 month's of didactic year in PA school. During those months at times I felt as if I was starting to forget why I chose to become a PA in the first place. It is easy to take for granted the incredible opportunity we have been given to impact one of the most important aspects of a human's life, their health."

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