Cherilyn Cecchini, MD

Dr. Cecchini is a board eligible pediatrician. She recently completed residency training at Children’s National Medical Center. When she's not working Doctor Cher loves to socialize, exercise, and relax! Doctor Cher is an East Coast native, having grown up in Scarsdale, New York.

In her own words:

"I am the first person in my family to pursue a career in medicine. I did not have built in role models that I could look up to or ask questions when I embarked on this path. I relied on self-motivation and found mentors within the community along the way. I faced many individuals who doubted my ability to attend and graduate from medical school given that no one in my family was already a doctor and that I was attending a state school for my undergraduate education. I majored in Biology and minored in Psychology at The Pennsylvania State University and I truly loved my educational and social experience there. I applied to transfer to Boston College as a freshman and I was accepted, but I turned down the offer because I already loved Penn State so much. Medical school creates a whole new level of challenges and I relied heavily on social support and family to survive long days in the anatomy lab and endless weeks of studying. I am mostly proud of the fact that I never gave up, even though some days it was easy to imagine an easier path. After graduating from Jefferson Medical College, I was lucky to enter residency at Children’s National Medical Center and again I work toward striking a nice balance between personal life and my career. Having to work over 24 hours is tiring, but I continuously remind myself that patients must stay in the hospital for even longer. I also think of how proud I am for continuing to do what I love."

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