Dorothy Feliciano, Medical Student

Dorothy Feliciano is a third year osteopathic medical student with a love of life, style, fitness, and medicine. As the first in her family to enter into medical school to become a physician, Dorothy loves sharing her life as a medical student through her popular blog and social media accounts. She is also a big believer in having balance while being a student, so in her free time she enjoys shaking off the stress by working out, doing yoga, and taking care of her spiritual life. 

In her own words,

"As a current medical student, something big that I've come to realize is that balance is important. I still need to maintain life outside of school. And I believe that will translate into when I will be working as a physician. 

I love the mission behind [Medelita]. That it supports those in medicine, especially women like myself. And that's just one aspect of what this brand stands for. Also, cultivating a community that is encouraging to one another is something important to me because I found community to be a vital part of surviving medical school."

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