Top Five Eco-Friendly Hospitals

Sustainability in healthcare is important to the health of both the community and the environment. Efforts have been taken by several medical facilities who have implemented various sustainability policies and use eco-friendly products in within their company.

Johnson & Johnson recently partnered with Harris Poll and found that 60% of patients said ‘green initiatives’ are an important factor when choosing a hospital, and almost the same amount said that these initiatives help improve overall health outcomes. Hospitals around the world have been listening to these statistics, as more and more are becoming more green.

Below we have compiled a list of 5 hospitals that have consistently showcased their dedication to being eco-friendly.

 1. Kiowa County Memorial Hospital - Greensburg, KS

There can be beauty in destruction, and no hospital knows this better than KCMH. Their original facility was destroyed in 2007 by a catastrophic tornado, but the result was a completely redeveloped Platinum level facility as ranked by Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), a third party organization that evaluates the eco-friendliness in the design, operation and construction of high performance green buildings. 75% of the hospital's interior is lit by natural lighting, and two wind turbines supply continuous clean energy. Storms are prevalent in the area, but utilizing the rainwater in their plumbing and biowaste systems has drastically cut the amount of waste water.

2. Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Not only have two of Children’s buildings received LEED® certification, but their green philosophy extends to every aspect of the operation of the hospital. Sustainability can be seen in their food services, waste management, housekeeping, and maintenance policies. In addition, the “green campus” rewards those who carpool, provides easy access to public transportation, and has a green education program for its staff and patients.


3. Providence Newberg Medical Center – Newberg, Oregon

When you hold the title of “First LEED Certified Hospital in the U.S”, you are held to a high standard- and PNMC does not disappoint. 100% fresh air from outside the facility is used to ventilate the hospital, occupancy sensors in rooms conserve energy for lighting, and a healing garden is accessible to both patients and employees. Everything from the windows to the location itself helps in cooling and heating the facility efficiently.


4. Dell Children’s Medical Center of Central Texas – Austin, Texas

The first hospital to receive a Platinum level LEED certification, the facility is constantly aiming to implement even more green features. Eco-friendly paints are used within the hospital, and a reflective white roof results in a naturally cool facility. The medical center’s efficiency procedures have resulted in energy savings that could power about 1,800 homes in Austin.


5. Anne Arundel Medical Center- Annapolis, MD

The Anne Arundel Medical Center was the first to have a LEED® certified acute-care center in Maryland, and its pioneering spirit does not stop there. Their “living roof” helps to reduce their carbon footprint and provide a green space for patients to view, rather than traditional asphalt. When you think of a hospital's energy bill it is reasonable to assume the costs are astronomical, but AAMC has a 90% energy conservation rate on lighting with their usage of LED lights. A state of the art dehumidification system and chiller plant controls result in about 20% energy conservation.