The EpiPen Price Hike: An Open Letter From PMG Founder Hala Sabry

Hala Sabry, D.O., M.B.A, is a Medelita H.I.P. Ambassador and the founder of Physician Mothers Group (PMG)an inspiring organization that offers a platform for women physicians, who are also actively raising families, to share information, exchange expertise, and provide resources and support. 

Like many others in the country, Sabry was horrified when pharmaceutical company Mylan opted to raise the price of their life-saving medication EpiPen by over 400%, making it all but unaffordable for those who suffer from severe allergies and their families.

As a mother of two with over four years of practice as an emergency medicine physician, Sabry is uniquely qualified to share her perspectives about this issue. 


Dear Social Media,

I'm an ER Physician. I was trained to treat emergency medical conditions; however, I feel that the best part of doctoring is PREVENTING emergencies and maintaining good health.

For those patients who have severe, life threatening allergies (anaphylaxis), an EpiPen is crucial to preventing worsening allergic reaction and DEATH. As a mother I can not imagine the stress parents go through to try to find affordable EpiPens to be able to protect their children. How can one company monopolize on this medication and charge $500+ so that patients can't afford it? And how is it that insurance companies can not cover it? This is not an elective medication. Our system is broken!

Physicians have spent so many years trying to maneuver through the broken system and jumping through hoops to make it work for our patients. For example, I have been instructing my patients to buy from online Canadian pharmacies for the reasonable $100 price tag for those who can afford it. Other physicians have been prescribing alternatives. Yet, the public still thinks that the physicians are benefiting from a system that we have NO control over! No, I don't get a check from "Big Pharma"....yet this company pays out a bonus of $18 million dollars at the expense of YOUR health!

This HAS to change. And we, physicians, will continue to fight FOR you! We have to be part of the same team though - so please help us say, "NO", to companies like Mylan who have been major players in destroying health care. If enough of us stand together we can make our voices heard.

So I stand with Dr. Ron Smith and all my fellow physicians to continue to advocate for our patients. I hope you will be right there with us!

Thank you,

Hala Sabry, D.O.
Emergency Medicine

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