Eric Langlois, BSN, RN

Eric Langlois is a Emergency Room RN in Miami, Florida. During his nursing school career, Eric joined a mentoring service that took first year students and helped them become adjusted to the nursing environment. As a new grad nurse who aspires to work in critical care (specifically the Cardiovascular ICU), Eric created his Instagram account to show others what it means to be a nurse and how nursing can have a positive impact on the community.

Outside of nursing school, Eric continues to push for excellence in every new venture he pursues, including training for his first half-marathon and eventually will train his first full marathon. He is affiliated with both the American Association of Critical Care Nurses (AACN) and the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI). 

In his own words,

"As a nurse, one of the most important things to know about our profession is that we care for all types of patients. We advocate for all patients when they are unable to speak for themselves, we empathize with them, their family and their situation, we show compassion and humility on a daily basis to ensure we are meeting their physical and spiritual needs.

Working as an RN, my goal is to provide the best care to each and every patient I encounter. Whether it is as simple as speaking to the family with answer questions, or it involves critically thinking about potential complications my patient may experience so that I am able to adapt my care plan for them. Nursing is a 100% effort profession and if I had to go through school to do it all again, I would most certainly do so because of how rewarding it is. 

My biggest challenge is overcoming the stereotypes of males in nursing. Being a male in this profession, you need to overcome the stigma and stereotypes that have been put in place. Education is necessary in these situations to advance patient’s mindset and teach them the role of what a male RN can do for them. This does not always come as an easy task; however, as a healthcare professional, my career is about educating others and that is how I overcome these ideologies. It was because of this stereotype that I began my Instagram account, to be a leader and show other males that nursing is a great profession and inspire others to pursue this career."

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