Erica Wigdor, DO

Erica Wigdor, DO is an internal medicine physician who graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science Degree from Florida State University and then went to Nova Southeastern University for medical school to peruse a career in osteopathic medicine.

Erica is truly passionate about her job; ever since she was a little girl, she has known that her path would lead her to become a doctor. In her free time, Erica also loves to cook and bake, although she sometimes has to curb her sweet tooth because she is an advocate for healthy eating and preventative medicine through nutrition.

In her own words,

"I chose internal medicine because I fell in love with the art of general medicine. In my specialty, I not only deal with the patients chief complaint, but can treat any other problems they may have as well. I get to spend time with them, and continue following them on a long-term basis. Having continuity of care with my patients is one of my favorite aspects of internal medicine. It is so rewarding knowing that what I am doing is truly making a difference in their lives.I love seeing my patient's faces when they are smiling at me and I know I have truly helped them in a great way.

The biggest challenge for me is coming to terms with the fact that I may not always be able to cure my patients. Seeing several of my patients taken over the years by cancer or other serious diseases has never been easy, but I knew it was something I signed up for. I try to keep their families and myself positive, and always look at the bright side of things.  

To me, professional style is not about outward style and appearance, but how you carry yourself as a physician. The way you interact with others around you and the way you treat others. Not just your superiors or your colleagues, but your patients as well. You never know what someone might be going through, and how you treat them could really make all the difference."

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