iPad lab coats

iPad lab coats, lab coats specifically designed with pockets that accommodate an iPad, are in increasing demand as more and more physicians are integrating the convenience of the iconic tablet from Apple into their practices. Of course, having a pocket large enough to hold an iPad is one thing, having a pocket designed to withstand the additional stress of having such a large object continuously inserted and withdrawn from an article of clothing is another. It should not come as a surprise that the medical apparel companies producing premium quality uniforms have capitalized on their attention to detail to make the most attractive, durable and functional iPad lab coats on the market today. The medical apparel company credited with creating the premium category of healthcare uniforms, Medelita www.medelita.com, offers three different models of iPad Lab Coats. In their men’s collection, Medelita Mens, both the 40” standard length Laennec iPad Lab Coat and the 44” knee length Osler iPad Lab Coat, offer reinforced special pockets in which an iPad can easily be slipped in and out. These pockets are integrated beautifully into the refined and sophisticated designs of each of these extraordinary lab coats. In their women’s collection, Medelita, the 38” Estie iPad Lab Coat, in addition to numerous other fashion, fit, fabric and functionality features, has those special pockets incorporated elegantly into the design of the coat. For those members of the medical profession seeking the optimum combination of fashion, fit, and functionality with technology, an iPad lab coat from the most respected and highest rated of the premium medical apparel companies would be the ideal source. Since Medelita created the category, their website www.medelita.com would be a logical place to begin your search. There you’ll find numerous ratings and reviews from fellow physicians on each model, in each of their collections, including their iPad lab coats. You’ll also find all their lab coats come with a Professional Courtesy Guarantee, which is good for one year from the date of purchase. No other medical apparel company we know of offers anything comparable on their non-iPad lab coats, much less their iPad lab coats. So if you have any concerns about how well the pockets holding your iPad will stand up to the additional stress, the testimonials of your peers and the company’s guarantee should go a long way toward allaying them. For all these reasons, the iPad lab coats from Medelita should be the standard by which all other iPad lab coats are measured.