Janish Kothari, MD

Dr. Janish Kothari is a medical resident at New York Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital who is an aspiring cardiologist as well as being passionate for critical care. Aside from his work, Dr. Kothari has a large interest in sports, travel, men's fashion, and thought provoking conversations about life and philosophy. One thing he often says is "fashion is over quickly, but style is forever." 

In his own words,

"My favorite thing about my job is that I get to solve puzzles for a living. I get to apply this vast array of knowledge I've accumulated over the years and put it to good use. I face challenges everyday, some of which include difficult patients from a social perspective to patients with medical mysteries that require keen attention to detail and abundant observation skills. These are things I'm learning to work on everyday.

I think an individuals style speaks volumes about them. A persons style can range from their outer appearance, to body language and communication skills...all of which are indications of how they view themselves and how they wish to be perceived. In my profession, I have found that patients respond differently to doctors and knowing how to adapt yourself to them ultimately will serve you well in this career."

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