Jourdyn Mootz, PA-S

Jourdyn Mootz is a current PA student at UW-Madison, where she is embracing her true passion for the field. Jourdyn's favorite thing about being a PA student is the ability to learn and grow from all the valuable resources around her.

Her notable acheivements include being head student leader of a medical mission trip to Belize, student speaker at her undergraduate commencement ceremony, and membership of one of the only rural based PA cohorts in the US. In Jourdyn's free time she enjoys traveling, spending time with her family, friends, and wonderful boyfriend, running, taking pictures, and drinking coffee in local coffee shops! 

In her own words,

"So many knowledgeable, genuine, and compassionate people have already guided me in my career as a PA student, and I will hopefully be able to surround myself with similar individuals once practicing. In addition, being a PA means that I can make a positive impact on a patient's life every single day. Not many careers can say that, and that leaves me awestruck and humbled every day. As for the biggest challenge, I believe that after working hard to educate myself and prepare myself to become a practitioner, it may be difficult to take when certain patients don't respect or listen to your medical advice. As frustrating as it may be, it is important to persist and continue to reach out to these patients even if you feel ignored. With persistence, these patients may eventually listen to some advice which can mean astronomical improvements in their life."

"I absolutely adore what Medelita stands for, specifically your dedication to improving female empowerment in the workplace. I think that I will be a great ambassador because that's exactly the reason I went into blogging: to help bring a higher interest to females in the PA profession. I think that when passion meets people, it leads to enormous results for your cause. It would truly be an honor to be an ambassador for this company." 

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