Joyce Park, MD

Joyce Park, MD is a dermatology resident at NYU Langone Medical Center. During medical school she spent a year doing a medical journalism fellowship, working on the communications team at WHO headquarters and then on NBC's medical team helping to make news stories for The Today Show and Nightly News. Originally from the Bay Area, Dr. Park moved to New York City last year after completing college and medical school at Stanford. 

Dr. Park's medical journalism background sparked her interest in using the media for public health, and she tries to actively increase public awareness of skin safety through her must-read health and beauty blog, TeaWithMD and its associated social media accounts.

In her own words:

I have really enjoyed educating my readers through video, blogposts, and photos, and I hope to continue helping to translate complex medical issues into easy to understand everyday terms. Since my blog also covers beauty and fashion, I am excited to work with Medelita to share comfortable and stylish yet professional clothing appropriate for our busy workplace! 

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