Kendall Green, BSN, RN

Kendall Green, BSN, RN is a registered nurse living in Augusta, Georgia, where she works in both a medical-surgical unit and transplant unit. Kendall is an insatiable learner of all things nursing and health, and she makes it a priority to become very involved in the facility at which she works.

Her leadership among her peers is comendable, as she is currently an American Heart Association BLS CPR instructor, a representative of her hospital's Nursing Informatics council, and Vice President of her city's chapter of the Chi Eta Phi Sorority, Inc. all within the few months that she has been an RN.

Kendall is passionate about her work in nursing, and she enjoys the fact that for every shift, she will undoubtedly learn something new, whether it be personal or professional.

In Kendall's own words:

"I always say that there are two parts to nursing: the art of nursing (the bedside manner, patient- and family-centered care) and the science of nursing (skills and competencies). One must master both in order to be the most well-rounded nurse possible. I accept the fact that I cannot and will not know everything, but can only do my best to know what is necessary in order to provide quality patient care. "

Outside of her clinical practice, Kendall enjoys using her social media platforms and blog to inspire others to grow and learn every day. She emphasizes strongly the integration of work and life, having passions in areas such as fashion, beauty, art, and travel outside of her performance in the hospital.

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