Lindsay El Awadi, PA-C

Lindsay El Awadi is a practicing PA-C student with clinical experience in Dermatology and Oculoplastic Surgery. She has a true love for her career and is excited to show that medical professionals can look professional and stylish at the same time. Lindsay is the mother of two daughters and she is proud to be a PA, mom, wife, and fashionista.

In her own words,

"My favorite part of being a PA student is being able to go to my clinicals and practice in all areas of medicine. I get to make a difference in patient's lives by learning from each one and applying it to my future patients. The biggest challenge has been learning that it's okay to not be correct 100% of the time, and that working together as a team is in the best interest of patients. 

Medelita is the definition of medical workplace chic to me. Professional style means comfortable, modern, sleek, and feeling good about what you are wearing. When you are comfortable and feel good about your wardrobe, you feel like you can accomplish anything. Being productive and caring for patients is the upmost of importance for me, and it's why my professional style is a factor in what helps me be a better clinician."

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