Megan Arriola, RN, BSN

Megan Arriola, RN, BSN is a recent graduate of her nursing program and began working as a registered nurse in a medical-oncology unit. For the last year and a half, Megan has shared her journey of becoming a nurse on her wildly popular personal blog, where her followers could read about her stories as she finished nursing school, passed the nclex, and worked her first RN job.

In her own words,

"When I began sharing my journey on my blog, I made sure that I was always authentic and approachable. I started writing down my own experiences to be a role model for those who are in similar positions as me. I was already working as a mentor at my college and an instructor for our nursing skills class, but I wanted to expand and reach more people. My hope is to inspire others who are struggling in nursing school or who are thinking about joining the medical profession" 

As Megan continues to grow and evolve as a nurse and blogger, she seeks to stay true to herself and continue building supportive relationships with her followers and community. 

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