Melissa Mondala, MD, MHA

Dr. Melissa Mondala is a board certified family medicine physician who has embraced the new emerging field of Lifestyle Medicine. Dr. Mondala will be completing her fellowship this July and is thrilled to learn the healing roots of nutrition, exercise, restorative sleep, stress managment, emotional well-being and resilence. 

In her own words,

"Lifestyle Medicine resonates with me because it tackles the challenges of prevention and treatment, but also disease reversal. I love the opportunity to engage in motivational interviewing that provides space for patient's to evoke their own ideas for their own lifestyle change. It is very meaningful to address core values, motivations for change, fears, and even traumas as a source of healing.

Outside my medicine, I do my best to practice what I preach by spending time in the kitchen, attending spin or barre classes, and connecting with my loved ones and like minded individuals who fuel my passion.

Professional Style can bring forth trust, connection, and humanism. I enjoy wearing my bright happy colors that not only make me feel AMAZING, but also look good on a professional platform. This gives me confidence to provide the best care possible."

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