Danika Ryan, RN

Danika Ryan is a Registered Nurse from Minnesota, where she currently works in a cardiac surgery Intensive Care Unit. As a Midwest gal who loves to travel, Danika loves music and even plays violin in her free time for fun and to alleviate stress. 

In her own words,

"Cardiac Surgery is a high acuity specialty that pushes you to your full potential and brings your critical thinking skills to the next level. It’s an area of medicine that has no ceiling of education. You see absolute miracles occur in cardiac surgery that make all the tough days worth it 10 times over again.

My favorite things about my job is continuous assessment, critical thinking and collaboration across the care team. I love seeing the time and care we give come full-circle for our delicate patients! The biggest challenge of my career, so far, has been being confident in my skill set and struggling with feelings of inadequacy. In reality, I’m more than qualified to do what I do, however, it’s been hard to mentally adjust from the student role to 'real world'."

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