Angie Larson, FNP-S

Angie Larson is a student nurse practitioner completing her final year of Vanderbilt University's Family Nurse Practitioner program. As a leader in her field, Angie is a huge advocate for global health and her career is centered on providing primary care to underserved communities. Upon her graduation in 2018 Angie will be joining the Nurse Corps to work with immigrants, refugees, and low-income populations. In her free time, you can find Angie planning her next trip abroad, enjoying some awesome live music, or working on her health and wellness blog where she shares nursing school inspiration and health tips. 

In her own words,

"One of my favorite things about working in healthcare is the ability to constantly learn and grow. The field of medicine is always evolving, which pushes me to dig deeper in my problem solving skills and expand my competencies. The biggest challenge in medicine, in my opinion, is delivering bad news or devastating diagnoses to a patient. As someone who is eager to help others and has a strong desire to fix people's problems, I struggle with breaking the news of a newly diagnosed disease or illness.

Professional style catalyzes and conveys confidence. When we feel good, it allows us to believe in ourselves to a fuller extent and, in return, achieve more. Medelita allows me to feel confident and professional in my career attire as a nurse practitioner student, which is an invaluable asset."

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