Medelita is available in the United Arab Emirates

 Medelita lab coats and scrubs are available in the UAE and the Greater Gulf Region from the following retailers:

Scrubs And Clogs

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Phone: +971-2-491-3000


  • Purchase lab coats in UAE from a trusted retailer with confidence. Medical Outfit ships lab coats, medical scrubs, clogs and other medical apparel to Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other major cites in the UAE.
  • Medelita will supply logo service for all major health facilities including:
  1. Ahalia Hospital,P.O.Box : 2419, Abu Dhabi, UAE
  2. Ahlia Hospital, Abu Dhabi, UAE
  3. Ajman Hospital, Ajman, UAE
  4. Ajman Medical Zone, Ajman, UAE
  5. Al Ahli Hospital, Abu Dhabi, UAE
  6. Al Ain Hospital (Al Jimi Medical Complex), Al Ain, UAE
  7. Al Ain Medical Zone, Al Ain, UAE
  8. Al Amal Psychiatric Hospital, Dubai, UAE
  9. Al Baraha Hospital, Deira, Dubai, UAE
  10. Al Dhaid Hospital, Sharjah, UAE
  11. Al Dowali Medical Centre, Dubai, UAE
  12. Al Dowali Private Hospital, Dubai, UAE
  13. Al Fujairah Medical Zone, Fujairah, UAE
  14. Al Hyatt Hospital, Al Ain, UAE
  15. Al Maghrabi, Abu Dhabi, UAE
  16. Al Maktoom Health Center, Dubai, UAE
  17. Al Maqam Private Hospital, Al Ain, UAE
  18. Al Noor Hospital, Abu Dhabi, UAE
  19. Al Qassimi Hospital, Sharjah, UAE
  20. Al Rafa PolyClinic, Dubai, UAE
  21. Al Rahba Hospital, Abu-Dhabi, UAE
  22. Al Reef International Hospital, PO Box 651, Abu Dhabi, UAE
  23. Al Saad Hospital, Al Saad, UAE
  24. Al Salam Hospital, Abu Dhabi, UAE
  25. Al Salama Hospital, Abu Dhabi, UAE
  26. Al Sila Hospital, Al Sila, Abu Dhabi, UAE
  27. Al Tawleed Private Hospital, Fujeirah, UAE
  28. Al Wasl Hospital, Al Wasl, Dubai, UAE
  29. Al Zahra Hospital, Ajman, UAE
  30. Al Zahra Private Hospital, Sharjah, UAE
  31. Al Zahra Private Medical Centre, Dubai, UAE
  32. Al Zahrawi Hospital, Po Box 5442, UAE
  33. American Hospital Dubai, Dubai, UAE
  34. Apollo Alkhaleej Heart Scan & Medical Center, Dubai, UAE
  35. Belhoul International Hospital Center, Dubai, UAE
  36. Chesapeake General Hospital Chesapeake, Virginia, UAE
  37. Chiropractic Specialty Clinics of the Emirates, Abu Dhabi, UAE
  38. Claiborne County Hospital, Tazewell, Tennessee, UAE
  39. Corniche Hospital,Abu Dhabi, UAE
  40. CosmeSurge Head Quarters -Dubai, UAE
  41. Dar Al Shifaa Hospital,Abu Dhabi, UAE
  42. Delma Hospital, Delma, UAE
  43. Department of Health & Medical Services, Dubai, UAE
  44. Derma Health International Medical Centre, Dubai, UAE
  45. Dibba Hospital, Fujairah, UAE
  46. Dr. Mahaveer Mehta Skin Medical Center, Dubai, UAE
  47. Dr. Moopen's Group, Bur Dubai, UAE
  48. Dr. Ron McCulloch's Clinic, Abu Dhabi, UAE
  49. Emirates Hospital LLC, Dubai, UAE
  50. Emirates International Hospital, Al Ain, UAE
  51. Emirates Polyclinic Hospital, Abu Dhabi, UAE
  52. Friends Of Children With Cancer in U.A.E, Al Ain, UAE
  53. Fujairah Hospital, Fujairah, UAE
  54. Gaiathi Hospital,Gaiathi, UAE
  55. GMC Hopsital and Research Centre Ajman, Ajman, UAE
  56. Gulf Diagnostic Center Hospital, Abu Dhabi, UAE
  57. Gulf Plastic Surgery Hospital, Dubai, UAE
  58. Holistic Healing Medical Centre, Dubai, UAE
  59. Ibn Seena Private Hospital, Sharjah, UAE
  60. Imperial College London Diabetes Centre, Abu Dhabi, UAE
  61. Indian Specialist Medical Centre, Dubai, UAE
  62. International Modern Hospital, Bur Dubai, Dubai, UAE
  63. Iranian Hospital - Dubai, UAE
  64. Jebel Ali Hospital, Dubai, UAE
  65. Kalba Hospital, Sharjah, UAE
  66. Khalifa Hospital Ajman, UAE
  67. Khorfakan Hospital Sharjah, UAE
  68. Kuwait Hospital Dubai, UAE
  69. Kuwait Hospital Emergency (Accident unit) Ajman, UAE
  70. Kuwaiti Hospital - Sharjah, UAE
  71. Hospital Franco Emirien Abu Dhabi, UAE
  72. Life Diagnostic Clinic Abu Dhabi, UAE
  73. LifeLine Hospital Abu Dhabi, UAE
  74. Madinat Zayed Hospital UAE
  75. Mafraq Hospital Abu Dhabi, UAE
  76. Marfa Hospital UAE
  77. Medcare Hospital LLC Jumariah, PO Box 215565, Dubai, UAE
  78. Medinova Diagnostic Centre, Dubai, UAE
  79. National Hospital, Abu Dhabi, UAE
  80. New Medical Center Hospital, Abu Dhabi, UAE
  81. Oasis Hospital, Al Ain, UAE
  82. RAK Hospital, P O Box No: 11393, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE
  83. Rashid Hospital, Dubai, UAE
  84. Russian Medical & Scientific Complex, Sharjah, UAE
  85. Sheikh Khalifa Medical City, P.O. Box 51900, UAE
  86. Sheikh Khalifa Medical Pavilion, P.O. Box 51900, Abu Dhabi, UAE
  87. Sheikh Khalifa Surgical Pavilion, P.O. Box 51900, Abu Dhabi, UAE
  88. Skin Laser Dubai UAE Dubai, UAE
  89. Specialized Medical Care Hospital Al Ain, UAE
  90. Spitex Verband des Kantons Bern, Bern, BE, UAE
  91. Sweihan Hospital, Sweihan, UAE
  92. Tawam Hospital Al Ain, UAE
  93. Thalassemia Center, Dubai, UAE
  94. The City Hospital,P O Box 505004, Dubai, UAE
  95. Towerclinic,Dubai, UAE
  96. UAE University Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences,Al Ain, UAE
  97. Um Khanour Health Centre, Sharjah, UAE
  98. Umm Al Qaiwain Hospital, Umm Al Qaiwain, UAE
  99. Umm Al Qaiwain Medical Zone, Umm Al Qaiwain, UAE
  100. Union Medical Centre, Dubai, UAE
  101. Welcare Hospital, Dubai, UAE
  102. WorldCare Gulf,PO Box 53620, UAE
  103. Zayed Military Hospital, Abu Dhabi, UAE
  104. Zulekha Hospital LLC, Dubai, UAE
  105. Zulekha Hospital LLC - Sharjah, Sharjah, UAE
  • Medelita offers physicians, physician assistants, nurses, dentists and veterinarians the best quality lab coats at affordable prices.  Lab coats may be embroidered with hospital logos, practice logos, name and titles and a wide array of caduceus.
  • Medelita  women's lab coats are sophisticated,  professional and feminine. Click here to view women's lab coats
  • The Men's lab coat line offers lab coats which resemble a blazer or suit making Medelita lab coats a tailored, sophisticated alternative to the ubiquitous white doctor coat. Click here to view men's lab coats
  • Attention  Physicians traveling from the Emirates to major medical conferences in the United States.  You may place an order with us online or via our 1-877-987-7979.  You may pick up at the conference or we will ship to your hotel room. For a list of conferences please click here
Medelita offers physicians, physician assistants, nurses, dentists and veterinarians the best quality lab coats at affordable prices.  Lab coats may be embroidered with hospital logos, practice logos, name and titles and a wide array of caduceus.