Announcing The Winners Of The Right Fit HIPster Awards In Partnership With FemInEM

After reviewing all of the applicants for The Right Fit HIPster Awards, representatives from both Medelita and FemInEM are delighted to announce the winners of this first annual contest to celebrate and recognize the amazing efforts of women in emergency medicine.

Each resident who entered this contest was carefully evaluated by our panel of judges based on the level of problem-solving skills, personal initiative, and academic potential as demonstrated in each applicant’s submission. We are honored to have had the privilege to learn more about the work of each and every one of our talented applicants.

Carrie Jurkiewicz, MD for her work with ACEP’s Wilderness Medicine Society in the development of a Wilderness Medical Adventure Race to be held at the ACEP Scientific Assembly this October. Check out our interview with Carrie here. 

Kelly Quinley, MD for the development of an emergency physician training program focused on the management and counseling of patients presenting with first trimester miscarriage, including the use of manual uterine aspiration. Check out our interview with Kelly here. 

Angharad Spencer MBChB, MRCEM, DRCOG, DTM&H for the development, implementation and study of two training programs for pre-hospital emergency responders in Malawi. Check out our interview with Agharad here. 

Erica Tabakin, MD for her quality improvement project focused on provider communication behavior and the patient experience. Check out our interview with Erica here. 

Erika Uribe, MD, MPH for developing an evidence-based language services program to decrease health disparities and improve medical outcomes. Check out our interview with Erika here. 

Our resident winners will each receive a $500 gift to be used at the winner’s own discretion, and a free personalized lab coat and scrub set from Medelita. Each HIPster will be recognized in an upcoming Honors post, so make sure to check back frequently.

 The purpose of The Right Fit Resident HIPster Awards has been to recognize women EM residents who have identified a problem facing physicians, patients, or their community, and have done something about it. We felt that the winners selected most strongly have embodied this goal.

However, we would like to thank each and every resident who took the time to apply for this award, and thank them for their dedication to the field of medicine. Working in any ED has its challenges, and individual journeys are unique - however, we commend the hard work of every resident who applied and would like to express admiration and gratitude for each applicant.

To see the full list of honorabe mentionees of The Right Fit HIPster Awards, please visit


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