Xochitl Cubero Renteln, MPAP, PA-C

Xochitl is a young female USC KECK trained bilingual Physician Assistant who practices Family Medicine in an medically underserved community in Los Angeles, where she lives with her husband and new puppy. She is passionate about social media, fitness, nutrition, wellness, fashion, wine, and community medicine.

In her own words,

"My favorite aspect of my job is improving the quality of life of my patients. When patient's tell me that I have improved some aspect of their life, no matter how minor it may seem I feel rewarded and motivated. The most challenging aspect is non-compliant patients. Unfortunately, despite maximum effort in making sure patients understand lack of education and resources might hinder that compliance. This is both frustrating and disheartening.

Being a young and petite female, patients often find it difficult to believe I am their medical provider. I wear scrubs to work with a white coat over. When my scrubs and white coat are stylish and well-fitted I feel more confident and am better respected and trusted."

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