MEDELITA Supports PAs for PA WEEK 2020

Every year from October 6-12, we celebrate National PA Week, which recognizes the PA profession and its contributions to the nation’s health.  

This year's theme is PAs Are Essential.



During the COVID-19 response, PAs have stepped up like never before.  They've shown how flexible, adaptable, and collaborative they can be:

  • Testing, diagnosing, and treating COVID-19 patients
  • Conducting telemedicine visits
  • Redeploying to different specialties
  • Or continuing to provide healthcare for those who need it most



As you all know, we are founded by Lara Francisco, PA-C, so this is very near and dear to our hearts.  We will be showcasing some of our esteemed PA Ambassadors this week, and encourage everyone to support each day tuning in to our social media features, blog interviews, and special giveaways.


Ambassador Features Pictured:

Kristen Schiefer, PA-C, Medjine Italien, PA-C, Breanne Wiekamp, PA-C, Demi Soulet, PA-C, Gabriela De Vita, PA-C, Michelle Le, PA-S, Stephanie Howard, PA-C, Rachel Schulman, PA-C, Tony Adkins, PA-C, Natalie Crump, PA-S, Michele Neskey, PA-C, Aaron Hunro, PA-S, Savanna Perry, PA-C, Hunter Gibbs, PA-S, Samantha Zavada, PA-S, Kat Bernard, PA-C, Wes Johnson, PA-C, Lindsey Willey, PA-C, Jourdyn Koebe, PA-C, Yunah Lee, PA-C, Melissa Elist, PA-S, Lauren Mitschrich, PA-C


Below you will find a theme for each day of PA Week with calls to action to show your PA pride! Be sure to use our hashtags when posting for a possible refeature:  


#MEDELITAprescribesmorePAs #ThePAwillseeyounow #PAWeek #AAPA 



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