Arianna Davidson

Arianna Davidson is a certified CNA and phlebotomist who is aspiring towards a career as a Physician Assistant. She is passionate about medicine and loves volunteering in the Detroit area where she is able to meet so many diverse individuals. Outside of working in the hospital Arianna enjoys being outdoors, playing with her dog Lilly, and spending time with those who matter most to her. 

In her own words,

"Professional style to me is my introduction before I begin talking to a patient. It's my way of telling patients I take my job seriously and with pride before they can tell by the way I interact with them. It's important to me because I want patients to feel comfortable with me, know I take my job seriously, and want to be there. It gives them a hint to my personality and I hope gives them a sense of comfort.  

Every time I put on my Medelita white coat I feel empowered and it motivates me to study that much harder. Being a HIP ambassador means uplifting others, educating those who may be confused on which direction to take, helping them find that perfect white coat or pair of scrubs, and it means really truly caring about what you do and the people you reach out to."

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