Colored Lab Coats

Colored lab coats, as opposed to white lab coats, serve two unique purposes.
  • Colored lab coats help mask some of the soiling that’s so common on most white lab coats.
  • Using a mix of different colored lab coats provides a means of designating the different positions of staff members.
Colored Lab coats in are most commonly found in black, blue, and gray. One alternative to a colored lab coat is to add colored embroidery to crate differentiation in the lab coat. While the preference for the traditional white lab coat is obvious, especially in the medical profession, a visit to any hospital or lab quickly illustrates how most white lab coats on the market today seem to attract stains, prompting the entry of colored lab coats. But using colored lab coats made of the same non-functional fabric used in most white lab coats, in an attempt to hide dirt and grime, doesn't make a lab coat clean, which is what they’re supposed to be. Fortunately, there is an option that addresses the cause of the problem, not just the symptoms. Medelita Lab Coats are made of high tech performance fabrics with the most advanced treatments available. The result is a pristine white fabric that actually repels dirt and grime, soils and stains, even blood. Medelita white lab coats look cleaner and are cleaner than colored lab coats, and you can easily see the difference.