Top Advancements In Men’s Scrubs

The advancements in men’s scrubs over the last five years have dwarfed the advancements in men’s scrubs over the previous fifty years. For decades, medical scrubs were designed not for the benefit of the clinicians who wore them, but for the benefit of the medical apparel companies that made them. In fact, this orientation was so pervasive and was perpetuated for so long that it would be fair to say the ill fitting, functionless, uncomfortable garments known as unisex scrubs became an intrinsic part of the medical culture. If you were in medicine and wore scrubs it was accepted, even expected, that you’d come to work each day looking like you’re wearing pajamas – not necessarily yours. The motivation for the medical apparel manufacturers was obvious. If they could get the healthcare industry to accept the premise that the same scrubs could be used interchangeably by a man or a woman, a concept they attempted to legitimize by coining the word unisex, then they could cut their inventory and design costs in half. With hindsight, the fact that doctors, who study anatomy as part of their training, actually bought into this scam, is astonishing. Their tacit acceptance of the contention there were no meaningful differences between the shoulders, chest, hips, waist, buttocks and crotch of the male and female body, is a testimonial to the fact that if you maintain a position long enough, especially in the absence of any alternatives, people, even those who should know better, may simply accept it. Predictably, in their effort to accommodate everybody, the unisex scrub makers satisfied nobody. Then in 2008, a different kind of medical apparel company was formed. The founder was not from the garment industry, but from the healthcare industry. She knew precisely what the healthcare market needed, because she was a member of that healthcare market who wore the product every day. She approached this opportunity with no preconceived notions or limitations. Whereas the existing medical apparel industry operated within strict limits dictated primarily by their conviction that the lower the cost the higher the sales, she was objective, analytical, and innovative. The resulting product lines, while still complying with the traditional description of medical scrubs, represented dramatic improvements in fit, comfort, fashion and functionality and as a result was responsible for the top advancements in men’s scrubs. Here’s a list of the top advancements in men’s scrubs, virtually all of which can be traced back to the founding of that medical apparel company in 2008:
  1. Designs that for the first time incorporated curved shapes and seams, as opposed to the straight lines in unisex scrubs, enabled the scrubs to take on a far more professional, even prestigious appearance.
  2. Shaping through the shoulders and upper chest afforded the wearer a far more flattering and sophisticated look while maximizing range of motion and comfort.
  3. Impeccable hand sewing yielding exceptional quality and finishing offered the wearer a more confident and distinguished appearance.
  4. Use of high performance moisture wicking and bacteriostatic fabrics in the production of scrubs, for the first time enabled the scrubs to be functional, wicking away moisture and preventing odors.
  5. Changes to the weight of the fabric improved the appearance by enabling the drape of the pants to more closely resemble a pair of khaki’s than a unisex scrub pant.
  6. Changes to the softness of the fabric improved the comfort and the appearance of the scrub top by enabling it to more closely resemble a higher quality woven short-sleeve shirt than a unisex scrub top.
  7. Replacing the S – XXXL sizing scale with traditional men’s apparel sizing enabled a much more precise fit since there were far more sizes to choose from.
  8. The addition of a high quality, comfortable, and durable zippered fly represented a profound advancement in men’s scrubs, as silly as that may seem.
  9. Inclusion of a gusseted, modern crotch significantly improved the appearance and comfort of men’s scrub pants.
  10. Incorporation of an athletic waistband design with both elastic and a traditional drawstring ensures that the crotch doesn’t hang low or the waist too high.
  11. The meticulous attention given to the design of the v-neck opening in the scrub top enabled male clinicians to minimize the amount of chest hair exposed.
  12. Five functional pockets accommodate all necessary items securely, including a PDA.
  13. Durable Velcro closures on the rear and cargo pockets add additional security.
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